Cool Cast Nozzle

Delavan Spray Technologies Continually meeting the challenges of new industries and markets

Delavan Spray Technologies, part of Goodrich Corporation, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality spray nozzles and fluid handling systems. Since the company was founded back in 1935, the Delavan name has always stood for quality, flexibility and reliability. The continuous casting of metals is a relatively new process in  the steel industry, but tremendous strides in development have been made in recent years. In the constant pursuit of technological advancements, Delavan’s engineering staff have worked with steel mills world-wide to implement many improvements in the casting process.

Better Cooling With Less Water

The result of much research and  development is the Delavan Cool-Cast nozzle, which with its tightly uniform droplet size can significantly improve slab quality and reduce energy costs in your continuous casting operation.


Delavan Rectangular
RP Nozzle - For use on Thin Slab
Continuous Casting Machines

Spray Characteristics

• Produces a rectangular impact area and even
distribution of water over the rectangular
footprint to give soft cooling on thin slab casters
• Rectangular impact sprayed area 105º x 35º
• Large free passageway
• Self-aligning tip using the 3/4” dovetail design
as the Delavan AD nozzle
• 5% overlap required
• Orifice in line with dovetail - no off-set required